Moonstone East's Past Successes

Projects that have gone through the Moostone training and development programme include:

Michael Schorr, Schroder’s Wunderbar Welt (Schroder's Wonderful World)

Lab Attended: Screenwriters’ Lab, Germany 2005 (Mini-Lab)

Quote: Participating for the first time at a Moonstone I was first both a bit fearful and sceptical about what would happen to me and my script if being closely examined. Both feelings disappeared as soon as I realised that my script advisors, being sympathetic to the project as a whole, were there to help me to improve the script in a very constructive way. The discussions about the virtues and weaknesses of the script were at eye-level: everybody developed ideas and propositions, which for me was liberating. And of course the surroundings, which I unfortunately could enjoy for a short time only, had real class! I’d do it again without hesitation!
Country: East Germany
Language: German

Veit Helmer, Gate To Heaven (Tor zum Himmel)
Release Date: 18 Dec 2003 (Germany)

Lab Attended: Screenwriters’ Lab Norway 2000

Quote:  Moonstone Screenwriters Lab was an amazing experience for me. Not only the project benefited, but also I learned a lot about writing for the international audience in general. The 6 day Lab was extremely efficient and the advisors were really generous in helping me via email with the rewrite! I can recommend Moonstone to any filmmaker who wants to improve their screenplay and enhance the dramatic power of their story.
Country: Germany
Language: English

Robert Douglas, Strakarnir Okkar (Eleven Men Out)
Release Date: 1 Sep 2005

Lab Attended: Screenwriters’ Lab Northern Ireland 2003

Quote: ‘For us Moonstone was very helpful, exactly the way a scriptwriting workshop should be.’
Country: Iceland
Language: Icelandic

Don Schubert, Golda & Franz

Lab Attended: Screenwriters’ Lab East Germany 2005

Quote:  Ways in which Moonstone influenced/assisted with script development: I changed my protagonist, the first act is pretty much brand new, the love interest has a different development, and I'm in the middle of cutting down the script by about 10-12 pages, so that's a pretty major effect Moonstone had on my project, I would say (especially since I came in with a pretty much completed script - 9th draft). A big thank you to all my advisors, you sure made and are still making me work.
Country: East Germany
Language: English with German, Hebrew and Arabic.

Przemyslaw Nowakowski, Kilka artykulow w promocyjnej cenie (Some Things At Sale Price)

Lab Attended: Screenwriters’ Lab Wales, 2002

Quote: The Moonstone experience was very important for my script taking into consideration its complicated ensemble structure and metaphorical character. It was very useful to confront my ideas with advisors from different film traditions such as British or American.
Country: Poland
Language: Polish

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