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Unfortunately, the financial circumstances of Moonstone do not allow  the Company to continue to operate or to run any further labs and the directors have been obliged to seek the appointment of a liquidator to the company.   
Any further enquiries should be directed to  the following who has been appointed Liquidator :
Colin Murdoch, Esq
Invocas plc
2nd Floor
Capital House
2 Festival Square
Edinburgh EH3 9SU
Tel: 0131 222 2460
Fax: 0131 222 2461

Moonstone International Screen Labs is about experience in every sense of the word. Founded in 1997 in consultation with Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute, Moonstone supports the work of European independent screenwriters and directors of vision, through its programme of advanced project-based development and training.

In 2005, Moonstone East opens its office in Leipzig, Germany. This outpost is the physical manifestation of Moonstone's continuing commitment to the discovery, training and development of the next generation of European screenwriters and filmmakers.

The Screen Labs

Arranging three Screen Labs a year - one Filmmakers’ Lab and two Screenwriters’ Labs - Moonstone facilitates the sharing of skills, talents, practical knowledge and creativity which can help bring a promising film project into successful fruition.

Free from the pressures of production, the residential Screen Labs present a tremendous opportunity for experienced screenwriters and directors to explore and develop their projects with the invaluable assistance and advice of expert Advisors, selected with the help of the Sundance Institute. As filmmakers of international distinction, the Advisors bring with them not only a wealth of creative and industry experience, but also a genuine desire to impart this knowledge onto the next generation of European cinema.

Who Can Apply

The Labs are open to feature film writers and directors from throughout Europe. While practical development and training play a significant part in the overall process, Moonstone selects only the most innovative, exciting and original writers and directors whose projects are sufficiently advanced and are likely to appeal to an international audience. Applicants must have a proven extensive track record.

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